Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Tablescapes have been catching my eye, now more than ever. Maybe it is just because I can't have any because we have three toddlers roaming the house who are now just curious enough and tall enough to grab or climb up to anything table height.

What is a tablescape? Just a collection of stuff that is interesting and pretty, your treasures, arranged artistically with varying heights, textures and depth. Often books are used as pedestals to elevate items and add color or convey a mood (think travel or art books). Add a flower or a branch or other natural element and you are done.

I imagine my new house dotted with lovely tablescapes - all 42" or higher off the ground and incorporating toy cars, sippy cups, binkies and baby wipes, properly propped of course with books 'Toddler 411', 'Love and Logic' and 'Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child' and finished off with a found stick from the park.

Enough chat...let's get to the pictures.

Let's start with the master David Hicks.

And then of course there is his daughter India Hicks who inherited the talent.

An office tablescape...forget where I found this one.

Well crafted shelf display by Lili Diallo.

And the talented Anna Spiro at her store Black & Spiro (Australia).

More from Black & Spiro.

And one more from Anna.

Funny enough, just as I was compiling these I noticed Anna announced a tablescape 'Absolutely Favorite Things' series. Starting tomorrow she will feature a favorite designer and have them create a vignette with their favorite things. Oh, joy! Check it out her blog Absolutely Beautiful Things.

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