Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lulu DK

Lulu DK has been one my favorite fabric designers for a while. Here is a fabulous room showcasing some of her lastest fabrics.

I have been enjoying having a bit of her clark fabric on our window seat bolsters.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Digs by Katie

While searching for Nate Berkus photos yesterday for the bachelor I stumbled upon a fabulous design blog, So Haute, and have fallen head over heels for a designer she featured.

This must be how the fisherman feels when he captures that dream fish. Instead of trying out every waterway and variety of bait, I search blogs and design magizines for the big catch, a room that is so inviting and artistic that you want to move right in. Here are a few photos from her firm Digs By Katie.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Bachelor Pad Basics

First things first, we needed to get a sofa on order so the bachelor could have a place to relax. I ordered this Lee Sofa with blend down cushions from Caffrey's Furniture here in Austin. They have a great selection of Lee furniture on their showroom floor and have all the fabulous Lee fabrics on display. Even though the sofa is custom we are expecting to receive it in a little over a month. I couldn't ask for more.

We went with one of the new linen/polyester blends in this dark charcole, graphite. It is a gorgeous handsome color and a great fabric with the look of linen but more durability. And no glossiness that sometimes appears with the more sturdy synthetic fabrics.

For the floor we ordered a large seagrass rug. I like, they are nice quality and have great prices including free shipping and speedy delivery.

Then we picked up this mid-century media cabinet from Crate and Barrel that we will stack with his coffee table books and a few treasures from his travels.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bachelor Pad

I'm helping a friend with some design ideas for his new home. We are going for casual eclectic, bohemian with a dash of industrial. He has lived abroad and enjoys travel and literature so I want to give him a layered comfortable look that reflects his personality and interests.

I like to see something a bit unexpected in the entryway like this twisted vine lamp from Jaime Young. I spied the top photo at Brock Street with a similar lamp. The artwork in the photo is by Rosemary Warner.