Thursday, October 29, 2009

Little Girl Room

Lily is quite content sharing a room with her brothers but I still cant help but plan for her big girl room. (btw, one of my triplets broke the apostrophe key on my laptop today). At some point I would like to move Lily in baby Holdens room (who is not really a baby anymore), and when he is ready move him in with his brothers.

Holdens room was designed with that trade in mind. The walls are a serene pale shade of turquois blue, BM Glass Slipper and the curtains are a cream linen. The chandelier is a bamboo lantern. It suits a baby boy but will be great for Lily with the addition of some feminine details and a healthy dose of pink. I'd like to add a trim to the linen curtains, perhaps with pink velvet ribbon (thanks lisa for the idea).

Im envisioning a full bed dressed in a pink quilt and polka dot or floral linen. Ive been eying this Serena & Lily pink quilt and their melon polka dot sheets.

courtesy of Porchlight Interiors

This iron bed from IKEA is darling.

courtesy of Swish and Swanky

I also like this low profile wood painted bed.

courtesy of Urban Grace

I was inspired by this adorable room and bought my own birdhouses at Michaels. Lily's, I mean Holden's walls just happen to be the same color, although it looks much more grey in this photograph. Holden even has the exact same crib, from Walmart of all places. It has the look of the modern and very pricey crib lines and even converts to a cute toddler bed with its own half side rail. The only thing wrong with the crib is that Holden never actually slept in it. He slept with us until 18 months. Then he moved to a twin bed that I pushed up to the crib to try to transition him to the crib. But he never would stay in that crib. And so he never used the cute dwell bedding either.

A happy coincidence occurred, when reading Erika's design blog Urban Grace I learned that she wanted to use his same polka dotted sheet in her nursery design, but then it was sold out so I was able to send her mine. I didn't charge her, it seemed like it was just meant to be. She said she was going to send me a little thank you. I thought it would be some small token but she surprised me with a $50 gift certificate to Sephora. Wow, so generous.

Anyway I digress from my little girls room daydream. In any event I have plenty of time to plan as shes not ready to separate from her triplet brothers anytime soon.

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Simple Pleasures

This modest home conjures a grand emotion.

Delicious olive living room with electic furnishings.

Surprise, a bold splash of aqua doesn't feel forced in this small abode.

A mercury collection adds some sparkle. Perfect for the holidays.

Cozy quaters.

Want to recreate this room? Start here at Garnet Hill.

Monday, October 19, 2009