Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Living Spaces

I'll kick off my living space images with one of my favorites, designer Tia Zoldan's own living room. This photo is a few years old so I am sure Tia has changed things up but I love the eclectic casual feel. This is a space you can really live in. It is not contrived and has an injection of youth to keep it from being too serious. Perfect for a family.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


This is a design blog, a playground for musings on my favorite things - home design or specifically homemaking, creating a comfortable warm and fun home, organization, and sourcing the coolest products and the best deals.

Disclaimer, I'm only a scientist and business woman by training. I have an undergrad degree in Engineering from UT and an MBA from Berkeley. I don't have any formal design training but I have a passion for creative design.

My style lands somewhere between Domino and Cottage Living (and I own every copy neatly cataloged in acrylic magazing holders - well, most of the time). I'm midway through our own home remodel project of our 1930's English cottage so I've quickly ramped my knowledge of plumbing and electrical fixtures, paint colors and flooring. I'm also a mother to four children under two years old (check out my other blog Team Freas) which has bolstered my love for organization and driven my interest in childrens rooms and cool family spaces.