Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gorgeous Kitchen

I've been following the tale of an Australian designer/blogger A-M, building her own custom home. She is just wrapping up and the results are amazing. Look at this gorgeous kitchen with creamy white cabinetry and cream stone countertops. The island is perfect for serving up grilled cheese to a hungry crew. Early on in the drawing design phase, I suggested she move the stove so the windows flank it rather than off to the side. It was a small thrill to contribute a tiny bit to a project half way around the world.
Her blog is listed off to the right in my sidebar but I think she is keeping it private for now.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Loving HGTV's Kristan Cunningham's kitchen with charcoal lower cabinetry and creamy white uppers.

The library bin pulls are Restoration Hardware, I considered the same for my kitchen but went with the more traditional pulls but these do look fabulous. To break up all the wood she removed the doors from under the stove top. She replaced them with a curtain of tea towels stiched together.

She continues the moody colors in her hip living room.

Swim suit by J. Crew in dark charcoal.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Design Delimma

Hmm, what should I do with my blank dining room wall? I haven't been able to find any inspiration to fill it.

My latest idea is to hang four or six vintage prints of birds, ferns or something (not terribly feminine since there are four guys in the house) in frames with just clear glass around the prints, versus a mat, so you see the wall color. Above is a pic from Amanda Peet's house, check out the framed bird prints.

And I like these framed ferns in a grouping.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bachelor Pad Update

Here is a rough unstyled photo of the bachelor's living room in progress. I helped him select the sofa, console, coffee table and rug. Before I snaped this pic on my phone I threw a few books on the table just to show him how he could warm up the space and personalize the room. But I didn't have the time to make it pretty.

He picked up some great photography when he was in Cuba and is working on getting that framed. On the sofa now are pillows he previously owned but I'd like to see a suzani draped over the back. Perhaps something similar to Nate Berkus's suzani - see it on the sofa at the bottom of the photo.

There are several interesting suzanis on ebay like this one.

We ordered this gorgeous Oly leather chair which should arrive soon.