Friday, June 12, 2009

Design Delimma

Hmm, what should I do with my blank dining room wall? I haven't been able to find any inspiration to fill it.

My latest idea is to hang four or six vintage prints of birds, ferns or something (not terribly feminine since there are four guys in the house) in frames with just clear glass around the prints, versus a mat, so you see the wall color. Above is a pic from Amanda Peet's house, check out the framed bird prints.

And I like these framed ferns in a grouping.


Jesse Lu said...

Hi! Read ur comment on Decorno. It looks like ur dining room is struggling a little bit with natural light (maybe just the time of the photo?). A collage/cluster of mirrors would look really nice and reflect more light from the window/door into your living room. And you can go vintage, antique, modern, quirky, traditional... any style you want with mirrors.

I just started a jetpak collection of mirror clusters if you want to take a peak.

A-M said...

Gorgeous mirror perhaps? that was my instant gut feeling. I am learning to trust gut feelings! A-M xx