Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gorgeous Kitchen

I've been following the tale of an Australian designer/blogger A-M, building her own custom home. She is just wrapping up and the results are amazing. Look at this gorgeous kitchen with creamy white cabinetry and cream stone countertops. The island is perfect for serving up grilled cheese to a hungry crew. Early on in the drawing design phase, I suggested she move the stove so the windows flank it rather than off to the side. It was a small thrill to contribute a tiny bit to a project half way around the world.
Her blog is listed off to the right in my sidebar but I think she is keeping it private for now.


A-M said...

Oh thank you for the mention! My friend Joan, at 'For The Love Of A House' found this post and informed me that you have said nice things about my house! As I said in my blog comments last night, my whole house would not have been possible without my bloggy friends... their advice, feedback, suggestions, criticisms, emails re suppliers...I so appreciated everyone's input and need it even more now that I am fitting it all out... you see I am not a Designer, I am a Paediatric Dietitian, not really putting any of my previous education to good use! You eventually find what you love to do in life. Mine now has nothing to do with hospitals! Oh and my blog is public now. No more threats from my builders for now... they didn't like my brutal honesty during the whole process! A-M xx

A-M said...

...and yes your contribution made an ENORMOUS difference to my kitchen! Thankyou, thankyou! I so appreciate it! A-M xx

for the love of a house said...

I too LOVE A-M's kitchen; not to mention her whole house;)!

I really enjoy your blog also, you post some great inspiration photos!


Jennifer said...

Thanks for visiting ladies. My design blog has been sorely neglected. I've been better about keeping up with my family blog over at

But design is a fun creative outlet for me and I find writing relaxing so I hope to be able to spend more time over in this blog in the future.