Sunday, August 3, 2008


Oh, the pain of an ebay loss.

I found a twin version of this amazing Robshaw quilt shown here in Amanda Peet's guest room on ebay.

Even though I had my eye on it I got outbid in the final moments. My guard was down because no one was countering and I was happily day dreaming about 'my' new quilt and playing with Holden...but indeed people were watching or had auto bid or something.

I got out bid at $63, I quickly tried to counter but had to log on and the auction expired by a mere few seconds. I've learned my lesson, it you have found an ebay treasure you better be on your toes. This treasure would cost around $300 new -- if you could find one.

In my mind it already looked fabulous on a daybed in our study, inspiring the whole room pallet. Just add a black striped rug like the one in Amanda's room on the dark wood floor, a dusky grey wall color and hang framed sketches on the wall.

Oh, what could have been.

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Smooch said...

snipers. I have that same tearsheet in my "decorating" file.