Sunday, August 9, 2009

Before & After: Library

Entrance/Library Before

These are photos from when we were about to purchase the house...we lived in the house a couple years and changed all the paint colors before remodeling.

After our remodel.
Our front 'library' - totally real life here. The kids have pulled down all the books so many times we don't bother arranging them, we just toss them all on back on the shelves. I'd still like a new front door, the one we have is cute, it's just that the Victorian style doesn't fit with our English Cottage home. And while I'm on wish lists, I'd love to have two more chairs to create a set of four around a round coffee table, instead of the small sofa.

We had actually repainted the shelving when we first bought the house, during the remodel half the shelves were destroyed to put in a gas fireplace, then we rebuilt and repainted the same dark grayish brown BM Black Fox.

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