Friday, March 18, 2011

Peek into my Kids Rooms

Here is a peek into how the kids rooms turned out. There was a moment that they were fairly tidy, so I quickly snapped some pics.  Still a work in progress but getting there...

There is something about looking at a room photo that helps me figure out the final touches.  After seeing my photos, I bought zinc, slightly industrial letters from Anthropology to fill that space over the boys beds.

I love how the Annette Tatum monogramed shams came out.  And the Serena and Lily sheets and cabin quilts have been great.  The blankets on the ends of their beds aren't part of the design plan, but they are the boy's crib blankets that are super soft and they are still very much attached to them.

More photos of the other rooms over on my family blog.

Art work by David. This is part of a pair he painted while I was pregnant with our trio - featuring our cats Max and JoJo  doing some amazing tricks.


Christine said...

Love the boy's bed. So simple and classy. Can I ask where you got them from?

Jennifer said...

Thanks Christine!

They are from land of nod. One of the things I liked about them is that they are solid wood, unlike a lot of similarly priced pottery barn beds. I love the potterybarn designs, but if you have kids that may nick the beds, they could be a mess.

Happy Home said...

Thanks Christine, they are from land of nod. I liked that they are solid wood, a lot of the cute pottery barn beds are not and they can chip.